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Wow I just reduced carbon emissions in the UK by 45% from current levels. How? Well I closed all its coal fired power stations, and then closed oil and gas fired power too. I shut half of the UK’s nuclear reactors and built some massive solar and offshore wind farms. I reduced blighty’s reliance on imported food and improved manufacturing efficiency by a mere 12%. Then I mandated 50% electric cars, 100% electric rail, and moved heaps of freight from the roads and the skies and onto rail as well. I did all this and overall reduced travel and consumption by a realistic 0% and kept my energy production in a slight surplus. I’m now thinking of building giant underground batteries to keep the nation going even if another volcano blacks out the sun for a few months.

You can have a go yourself using the Guardian’s awesome interactive National Carbon Calculator.


The one thing it didn’t show me was how long all my changes might take and how much they’d cost. Nor did they give me an option for moving more people onto bikes, improving the walkability of cities, or give me the option to beam power down from giant space mirrors and grow rooftop gardens. That’s how I’ll get my next 45% reduction to be sure. — DS

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